About us

Who we are

We are a concierge company providing services in different environments for helping you as an expatriate or local in your daily routine. Ilikecomfort.com was created because everyone needs comfort, for example around the house as a cleaning lady, pet sitter or baby sitter – we’re telling it to you from experiences. 
If you plan to relocate your family we offer you the excellent relocation services as we are connected to the most real estate agency in Budapest, so we can give a full view of the market. 
If you would like to organize a baby shower, cocktail party or any other specific event we manage everything with our partners from catering to decoration and thanks to us you can relax and forget the stress. 
Our Mission is to bring peace and security to mind for you who travel or work on a busy schedule. Our  team is for you to help. The give you back the time you fully want to concentrate on the things that you enjoy.

Our system in a nutshell

1. You contact us, and choose your service.
2. We confirm your request and send you the right person.
3. The Sitter reports back to us after the job is done.
4. When the job is done, we contact you for getting information and confirm us about the quality, because we want only the best for you.