Short rental management – Rent on Airbnb


Ilikecomfort.comComplete cleaning at each check in / check out 



Ilikecomfort.comPersonally at check in / check out



Ilikecomfort.comCheck in – welcome guest, make arrival comfortable. Check out – check the condition of apartment before guest leaves, take the key, prepare apartment for next guest


Ilikecomfort.comCleaning bedclothes / towels



Ilikecomfort.comSend repairman, stock/buy cleaning supplies, shampoo, etc...

Lot of experience since several years of short rental / airbnb with services for above 40 apartments in Budapest.

What we offer?

We are not an agency, we simply offer owner-centric services
No commission from your rental
We handle all guest related issue at your home during a guest stay
You can count on us on the 365 days the year with high quality customized service
We are happy to put you in contact with other owners who already know us for our reference
All is flexible with us, we can even manage for you online booking, or you tell us arrival/departure time of the guests

What hosts are saying about us?

“ is exactly what I need and happy to work with them“
Holly R.

“Highly recommend They manage everything we need, like it would be us.“
Andy K.

“Our guests are very happy by the warm welcome by“
Kristina P.